Why People Invest in Equity Markets?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is discretionary Fund Management Service and Investment Management Service ?

In discretionary Fund and Investment Service, The Manager will independently manage thefunds of each client in accordance with the needs of the client. He will take decision to buy, hold or sell the shares.

How can I start my Initial Capital Investment ?

Initial invest can be brought into The Fund Management Service / The Investment ManagementService by way of either Cheque and/or Share Certificates.

Do you guarantee the initial capital and any ``return`` thereof ?

Returns cannot be guaranteed Profit in Fund Management Service / Investment ManagementServices. However, we believe over long term, Equity performance will track corporate performance.

Is there any maximum limit for investing the Fund Management Service (FMS) or The Investment Management Service (IMS) ?

There is no upper limit on the amount you can invest in the FMS or IMS.

What is the time horizon ?

The ideal time horizon for an equity portfolio is at least 3 – 5 years.

Does the FMS / IMS have any lock-in period ?

There is no lock-in period. You can exit / redeem at any point of time.

Is the payment upfront ?

The payment will be made within a week.

How will I receive the Contract Notes ?

We don’t issue contract notes but a detailed statement of account will be emailed at theend of each month. We will also send the physical copy of the same every quarter.

Can I specify investments that I prefer to hold ?

No. The discretion to invest primarily lies with the Investment Manager with the objective tomaximise your returns.

In whose name investment will be made ?

All investments will be made in the name of the investor.

Can I withdraw my profit any time ?

Yes, you can withdraw you profit as & when you want, provided you maintain the minimumcapital size.

What if I terminate from the FMS / IMS before one year ?

You can terminate from the FMS / IMS at any time; charges as agreed would be applicable.

How safe are my securities under the FMS / IMS ?

Angel Broking is a depository participant with the Central Depository Services Ltd
(CDSL). This ensures complete safety in operations. Stock ownership always rests
with the client.

What are the tax implications of investment in FMS / IMS ?

Under the IMS each transaction scheme will be considered as an independent trade
and capital gain will be applied on each depending upon whether the relevant stock
was held long term or short term. Presently 15% tax is chargeable for Short Term
Capital Gains and no tax is chargeable on Long Term Capital Gains.

What are the advantages of investing in IMS V / S Mutual Fund ?

You have greater control over the asset allocation, wherelse it is automatic in MutualFund. The portfolio can be customized to suit your risk-return profile. The portfolio can be customized to suit your risk-return profile. The Investment Manager has relatively greater flexibility to move in and out of cash as and when required depending on the market view. Typically, charges are lower and more transparent in FMS / IMS vis-a-vis a Mutual Fund.

Do you charge any entry or exit load akin to a Mutual Fund ?

We do not charge any entry or exit load.

Please clarify for me profit and loss sharing ratio ?

The profit & loss on shares will be calculated on realized profit / loss basis. The clientswill receive quarterly invoice for payment.

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