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Equity Shares Advisory Services

Stock Market’s Personalised Equity Advisory Service is just right for you, whether you are a well informed investor or a novice, an active investor or a passive investor.

You require this service if you plan to invest, and you require it even more if you have already invested. Our services can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Online Trading;Trading

You are aware of fluctuation in the share market and would like to place purchase order and sell order by yourself.

Prospective clients should issue a cheque of minimum of Rs. 25,000/- as initial capital in favour of Angel Broking Pvt Ltd.
Purchase and sale order can be placed on online, by e-mail or on telephone.

Second Opinion;Opinion

You already have sources from which you get tips and recommendations or you as a keen observer of market events, but want to understand or confirm your view of scrip. We offer you an unbiased, well-informed and critical second opinion and additional data or info that you may require.

AMZ Investment Solutions & Services provide this service absolutely FREE of any charges.

Portfolio Restructuring;Restructuring

Over a period of time, you have accumulated a large number of scrips through subscription to IPOs and buying from secondary markets. Unable to know what to do, you are just holding on to your investment for an indefinite period and just adding more to your portfolio ; at every stock upturn we will help you in choosing the scrips you should keep, sell or add.

AMZ Investment Solutions & Services will charge Rs. 125/- per scrip for Portfolio Restructuring.

Portfolio Creation;Maintenance

You want to invest but do not have the time resources or skill to identify the right investment opportunities.

In the fast changing world, no investment opportunity remains right for long and you have to continuously churn your portfolio to keep in tune with times.

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